Mara is the new revelation of Latin music. She is a rising star in the Zumba fitness movement, the #1 music fitness company in the world. According to Billboard Magazine, Zumba is the hottest new music platform and compared it in scope even to MTV, with its thousands of instructors and millions of enthusiasts in over 185 countries.

With over 140,000 instructors that Mara affectionately calls her DJs, the Zumba Fitness movement is dancing away to a number of her songs which have become hits. One of the best known examples is her recent single “Crazy Love” which features Beto Perez, one of the founders of Zumba Fitness.

For this Colombian singer “the best work of art is life itself, from the aesthetic to the thought” that reveals itself through music, dance & words, each being an expression of the creative process. Mara feels blessed with a talent inherited from her parents and a passionate vision of the world that was incubated “in the land where I was born and I was fortunate to grow up, my country Colombia”. Her steadily rising music career shows that dreams can be fulfilled with focus, hard work and dedication.

Mara first appeared in the media in Colombia in 2001 in the first reality series show “Pop Stars” and received a great reception from the audience. She received many proposals to become an actress or TV host, but resisted these temptations to follow her dream as a singer.

Mara has always been clear that music is her #1 passion and that’s why even though some offers have been very seductive, she continues to tirelessly pursue her passion in the music industry. Along this journey, she met and worked with renowned producer Robert Taylor, who after working together on several projects, chose to partner with her to make her first album. In 2007, Mara was forced to attend to health challenges which put her dreams and music career on hold until 2009.

In 2010, Mara released her first single, OYE, which was an instant hit on the radio stations & clubs of Colombia.  She was honored with the award for Premiere Artist of 2010 by “Nuestra Tierra”.  Mara embarked on her first national tour and was the opening act at concerts by artists such as Don Omar and Tony Dize.

Mara arrived on the Miami music scene in 2011, gaining lots of media exposure. Her song, OYE, was taken up by Video channel Htv, the most important music channel in Latin America, and she was invited onto various TV shows and interviews including the Alexis Valdez show (the most viewed night time show of the Latino community in the U.S.) and the Festival de la Calle 8 in Miami with Univision.

All this media attention reached the ears of the Zumba Fitness organization and they decided to include a compilation of her songs in their classes, which received great acceptance. On the back of this success Mara and Beto Perez decided to team up to create “Crazy Love” a song which is now a global success throughout the Zumba Fitness community.  The YouTube video has received 6 million views, has entered the lists of the best selling Latin songs on iTunes and will be part of a new Zumba video game for Xbox.  Mara’s music will also be part of the new “consumer video” by Zumba Fitness to be launched soon.

Mara is now embarking on a new phase of her career…  a concert tour throughout the Zumba world and beyond, bringing together the magic of dance, the positive energy of the Zumba community with her own unique brand of latin dance music, all wrapped into a spectacular show that invites the participation of the leading Zumba dancers, choreographers and instructors.

Mara says in her own words
“I hold a deep gratitude for the Zumba Instructors who are the ones taking my music out into the world. My music and my songs are all of our songs now”
Today Mara is located in the United States, developing her music career, performing at Zumba Fitness Instructor conventions and Fitness Concerts, alongside artists such as Pitbull and Daddy Yankee. Her goal and desires for 2014 is to meet all the demands of the Zumba Community in cities throughout the US and beyond, to share the experience and her music with so many more of the Zumba instructors & stars.